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Equipment for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding equipment falls into many different categories these days. They all range from simple heart-rate monitors to strength equipment, home gyms and fitness equipment. But if we are going to specifically look at bodybuilding equipment then the options get refined even farther.

If we exclude all the various free weight options as well as the fancy machines that range from hydraulic presses or leg press machines to squats racks or Smith machines then we are talking about accessories. These accessories that can be used to aid your bodybuilding workouts are countless.

This article will be covering some of these that range from weight belts to dipping belts. But obviously the use of these various accessories or bodybuilding equipment that you use are going to be specific to your muscle gain objectives, the type of training that you do and your own specific strengths and weaknesses.

Probably the most important accessories used by every serious bodybuilder is a weight belt. These days the average good weight belt that you can buy also can easily act as a dipping belt as the come with a fixed chain attached and usually a hook as well that you can use to hook a dumbbell to as well.

Below are just a few options listed that are suggestions more than recommendations as it would all depend on what your specific objective is as mentioned above. Below are a list of very effective accessories that can be used for the average bodybuilder.

Fat Gripz

Harbinger PolyPro Dip Belt with Chain designed To Easily Add Weight For Chin-Ups And Dips.

Prohands Pro Hand Exerciser One Of The Most Advanced Hand Exercisers that individually strengthens each finger for maximum power and endurance.

Body-Solid Bicep Bomber to isolate your arms and shoulders.

Progryp Nylon Padded Head Harness. Considered by many to be the perfect way to build your neck, back and shoulders.

Altus Wrist & Forearm Developer to tone and strengthen using an effective and unique and powerful way to develop your wrist and forearms.

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