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Bodybuilding Routines That Work

Over the last 50 years bodybuilding has changed a lot, together with the fancy supplements like Creatine and BCAA and others. The result is that when creating bodybuilding routines these days the program or routine that you choose or create needs to be specific to your own needs.

There are very specific routines that have a specific objective like a routine designed to increase your pull-up strength and increase the number of reps you can do. This type of routine is specific and will concentrate on the back, biceps and forearm strength as well as grip strength.

So when you are looking around for a specific bodybuilding routine you need to be as specific as possible. It goes without saying however that one can obviously change and adapt your own routine depending on how your various body-parts respond to this routine.

Many of the top professional bodybuilders often change their training routine on a regular basis. They will tell you that the only way to avoid getting stuck on a plateau where you stop growing muscle is by constantly changing. But whatever your specific objective might be it will always be the basics that work best.

In order to see where your body balance needs to be corrected you first need muscle and when doing the basics like compound movements. It is these basics that are going to get you strong and put on muscle. The muscle that you put on will be because you are increasing your core strength.

As you develop your core strength you will gain muscle all over your body from your calves to your neck. It is the basics like squats, deadlift, bench-press and pull-ups that will get you the basic muscle that you need before you start working on your weak body-parts.

The changes that you make in your bodybuilding routine can also be very subtle to get different results. For example when you start off with bodybuilding it is simple to take a look at yourself in the mirror and notice your genetically weak links in your structure of the muscles G-d gave you.

For example if you notice that your legs are a lot weaker than your upper body you can concentrate on doing a little more squats, leg extensions, hamstrings and calves. This can be a small change where you do forced reps or pyramids on those body-parts to get them in line with the rest of your body.

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